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private events are available for groups of 200-1500.

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Hope You Brought Your Dancing Shoes

You sense it the moment you set foot inside…the deep pulse of the music, the distant buzz of a crowd, occasional flashes of neon through the warm, low light of the entryway.
A few steps to the main ballroom and then you're really in the mix. Your head starts moving to the rhythm of a sea of moving people all across the 2,000 square foot dance floor, entranced by the live music on stage. Bartenders at work at two expansive bars. Beautiful people everywhere enjoying fabulous cocktails.
As you make your way to the outdoor deck to indulge in a glass of wine or a quick bite, you catch your first glimpse of the stunning evening lake views. It's just about this time when you realize that yes, tonight is going to be an epic night.
Top-name entertainment, DJs with style, local music and today's biggest hits; you'll find it all at Glass Cactus!
Note: Glass Cactus is a 21 & up events venue. No one under the age of 21 years will be admitted.
Calendar of Events
There’s always something happening at Glass Cactus, whether you’re looking to jam with live country music, get into guest DJ vibes, or experience a theme night you won’t soon forget. Check out events at Glass Cactus and get yourself on the list.